Sitemap - 2021 - Weekly self-therapy for startup founders

Here's why it makes sense to kill The Communities Show podcast.

Ohayo 🎧 A short reflection after a year of bootstrapping

A postcard with a traditional Eastern European vibe

Ohayo | Killing your darlings and becoming a better human

Ohayo | How comes everybody is fine that universities are a scam?

Ohayo | Pivoting a startup feels like replaying Cyberpunk 2077 with a new character build

Georgie Carroll | Why Taylor Swift is a perfect community manager

Georgie Carroll | Why Taylor Swift is a perfect community manager

Ohayo | About unsolicited advice from your loved ones

Bar Kirshon | Many online creators need a supportive community not money

Bar Kirshon | Do creators want to earn money? And why...

Jamie Langskov | This way of measuring the value of online communities looks legit

Ohayo | 42 and the meaning of life

Jamie Langskov | There's a non-sucky way to measure communities ✨

Darya Steel, Evgeny Reznitsky | Communities in Russia are... different...

Ohayo | Are Lera and I friends or just colleagues?

Darya Steel, Evgeny Reznitsky | The state of the community industry in Russia

Ohayo | Audio-essay about a perfect co-founder 🙄

A short talk about customer success, documentation and communities

Jenny Weigle | How Europe is years behind in community building

Ohayo | Drama 🎭? Yes, but we go on 🥂

Jenny Weigle | How Europe is 5 years behind in communities

Pauline Narvas | How being popular can help your IT career (but has tradeoffs)

Workshop | Games sell well on launch if there's a community waiting for it.

Pawlean x Pauline Narvas x The World

Tutorial | How to sound like a girl on a podcast

Ohayo | The shitty bench 🏕️

What do you expect when googling “how long to boil potatoes”?

What can we do for our premium subscribers?

Tersha Willis | Why sex toys could make a good merch

Ohayo | Are you hiding from the social networks in chats with friends too?

Tersha Willis | How creators should think about their own merch

Erin Mikail Staples 🧜‍♀️ Business communities x Fandoms

Ohayo | Building a huge following doesn't make sense. Unless...

Erin Mikail Staples 🧜‍♀️ Why we do not build communities like fandoms?

Laís de Oliveira | Empathy is the key to better businesses

Ohayo | How we use art and stories to get our message across

Laís de Oliveira | One of the first Chief Community Officers in the world

Ohayo | Three unpopular opinions and one IRL meetup

Should you be funny or clever on the internet?

Steph Smith | Creators are tech x media companies of the future

Ohayo | Overachievers vs those who enjoy life instead

Steph Smith | How to find and grow followers as a creator

Rick Turoczy | Some people will love online communities later on

Ohayo | Do you like or hate your old work?

Lera, Anna and Olle about their favorite podcast episodes

Rick Turoczy | Some people just cannot thrive in online communities

Tristan Pollock | Communities of the future will probably rely on blockchain

Ohayo | What is your private space on the internet?

Tristan Pollock | To do something with crypto one must have a community or be popular

Tom Ross | Building a Community-led business

Ohayo | Why are you pushing yourself to the limits and beyond?

Community and culture design in Discord

Tom Ross | Burnout meets Community

Alex Angel | How to be a Chief Community Officer

How we box and segment our podcast audience

Alex Angel | Listen to learn how to be an amazing big boss

How do we keep ourselves sane and productive?

Polar opinions 🧅 about audience vs community

David Spinks | How to measure friendships for your boss

Ode to gen z: how to not be boring on the internet

David Spinks | The hard questions that your boss asks about the community

Product is users, but...

Carmen Taubman | Community design for businesses in 2021

Constant Conflict Resolution Process

Carmen Taubman | How to be successful as a creator and a community builder

Alex Lakatos | The backstage of developer advocates' work

Alex Lakatos | A totally existential podcast about developer relations and the meaning of funemployment

How can creators work together and split revenue?

Mom, I am sorry, I am a YouTuber...

Sharing is caring - How creators can work together and split the money for good

Ashley Friedlein | What can community do for a business?

A short story of a Gen Z enforcing her vision onto millennials

Ashley Friedlein | What can a business want out of a community?

Jana Boruta | Developer conferences and communities are about people and empathy

Minimum viable community concept

Jana Boruta | Building communities in real life and online

Eddie Jaoude | What is the reason you’d totally go to a live event (Zoom, Hopin, Clubhouse doesn’t matter) now in June 2021?

The Community Punks x Unconscious Bias

Eddie Jaoude | Why YouTubers start Discord servers?

Community is the first threat to Google and Facebook in 15 years

How to keep your community alive these days?

We made our startup pitch an art performance

A kitchen conversation about how creators can start and grow their communities

People love us, you should too 💖

Nina Iordanova | Do we need to learn how to make friends again?

Hybrid events and networking experience is...meh, but has a potential

Nina Iordanova | How to make friends when you're locked down at home?

Community is the first threat to Google and Facebook in 15 years

Why artsy communities are often toxic and can they not?

How naysayers are undervalued

Let's dream of a perfect world where toxicity is not a problem

Support us on Product Hunt if you love The Communities Show

Martina Pocchiari | The research about online communities and our Product Hunt launch

How to nurture boring communities

Martina Pocchiari | Talking to a scientist who researches online communities

How do you know you're good enough to ask money for your skills?

Content anxiety vs your full inbox

Fighting impostor syndrome and asking fans for money

Learn livestreaming and podcasting tech with this live online course

Piotr Gaczcowski | How to curate your community resources with a digital garden

A Saturday story about IRL vs online meetups and meetings

Piotr Gaczcowski | Like Wikipedia but for your Slack or Discord

Rosemary O'Neil | Hosting a community vs having it on Facebook or Instagram - The Communities Show

Can you see my slides? Adventures of investor pitching on Zoom

Rosemary O'Neil | Bashing Facebook Groups as a community platform - The Communities Show

Followers vs Audience vs Community in 2021

How to pivot a ballet studio to a hybrid model based on an online community

Convert your audience to a community

Joe Nash | How to start a #Discord​ server? Structure, bots​, roles, moderation

Piotr Gaczcowski and Marcin Mlynski | How to move an IRL community to Discord

Guy 'Yug' Blomberg | Making sense of online networking in 2021 - The Communities Show

Guy 'Yug' Blomberg | Making sense of online networking in 2021 - The Communities Show

Jamie Cantrell Langskov | The business value of a community manager - The Communities Show

Jamie Cantrell Langskov | The business value of a community manager - The Communities Show

The Communities Show: Engagement

Why Discord​? Is Discord better than Slack​ for communities?

Zan Markan | Designing a professional community for devs

How to make it to #3 on Product Hunt?

The Communities Show

Piotr Gaczcowski and Marcin Mlynski | Co-working hub to an online community?

Kevin Lewis | How Discord can be used as a conference platform

Anna Grigoryan | Paid Communities - what members are happy to pay for?

F.K Webinars, we're doing something else