I have taken 70+ interviews at this point

December 2021

“Communities are about human connections” - Lera and I shout into the void and kill The Communities Show as you know it.

November 2021

PhD candidate studying Taylor Swift and Supernatural, passionate about fandom + community.
Co-Founder & CEO Communyco ✨ Filmmaker ✨ Bread Baker✨ Newborn podcaster
Sr. Director of Community, Unusual Ventures
Head of community, Gameram; Partner, NAULAB

October 2021

Chief Community Officer & Community Strategy Consultant. Alum of Khoros, Salesforce, CareerBuilder
Senior Community Engineer, Gitpod. Creator, Techie, Community Builder & Diversity Advocate
Co-founder of terrible* - musicians and creators focused platform to source & sell products online + IRL

September 2021

Community Advocate, Orbit. Education + Content, Rosieland.
Program Director, On Deck Community Builders Fellowship. Author of Hacking Communities.
Growth marketer, writer, and indie maker. The Hustle, Trends.co