Apr 16, 2021 • 34M

Convert your audience to a community

Premium edition with bonus content. What is audience? How is it worse than a community? Why suddenly everyone needs a community? Can you monetise your community?

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In the early 2000s, everyone needed a website, in 2010 everyone needed a Facebook page, in 2021 everyone needs a community. Creators, influencers and consumer-focused businesses are first in line. They’ve mostly figured out why they need a community. Now goes the hard part: how to make it happen?

When you have 6,000 followers on Facebook who award you with 2 likes on a post, is it better than having a community with 60 people, but who care about what you’re posting? 6,000 vs 60…

The livestream of this episode was very emotional, then we hanged out in a live chat in Discord with our community for another 40 minutes. But we’re shipping an edited 30-minutes cut. We think it makes sense. We think it is a good balance of being useful and fun.

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