Why artsy communities are often toxic and can they not?

Why artsy? Why toxic? Why often? How to grow a non-toxic community where creative people can express themselves and feel welcome.

In real life, we have more context - body language, voice tone, environment - to assess what is going on and feel welcome after a possibly bad joke. Or not.

While online we only have our assumptions. It is sarcasm, a tasteless joke or am I bullied because this is the culture of this particular corner of the internet?

Or perhaps I brought my bad experience from the previous times I was bullied and unconsciously did escalate a possibly innocent (just cringy) joke?

In the middle of this episode, we’re kicking Olle out of the livestream. For reasons.

Is it toxic behaviour? He agrees it was not:

  • it wasn’t personal

  • he just didn’t fit the mood of the dialog

  • he was still welcome to listen in and join the discussion

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Community builders and digital content creators. Available for contract work.

  • Lera: artist, full-time gen z, queen 👑

  • Karina: business leader​, money 🤑

  • Anna: founder, writer, engineer 👩🏻‍🔬

  • Olle: product, devrel, tech 🎥

May 26, Wednesday, 16:00 CET livestream:

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