Mar 19 • 16M

Як ти? How are you? 💙💛

This is the new way of saying I love you, I care about you

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This podcast feels like having a coffee ☕ or a drink 🍹 with your industry friends.

Somebody I love has lost their business and home. Somebody has lost their job and was displaced. Somebody got detained for 15 days. Somebody lost a leg. Somebody lost a husband and a kid. I am talking about the people I know personally. These are not Instagram stories, these are people, these are lives.

On the first week of the war I felt almost guilty for being safe, guilty for daring to even think about our startup that we had to put on pause.

“Put on the life west on yourself and then help others” - the life-saving manuals say. That’s what Lera and I did to our emotional health, in exactly this order.

This audio is an emotional journey, a non-representative example of how to live with war and suffering in our backyard. We didn’t hide, we didn’t move on, we decided to live with it and stay sane, help others. The pain didn’t go away, but at least we found a reason to be beyond the two weeks until “the life goes back to normal”.

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Як ти? How are you? - this is a new way of saying I love you…

This episode is for paid subscribers