Dec 12, 2021 • 13M

Ohayo | How comes everybody is fine that universities are a scam?

I don’t regret my time at university, but many people go there to get knowledge for some reason...

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Lera and I dig into each other's head like in an old BMW

I don’t regret my time at university - I lived a drunk rock star life at a student hostel and did all the things they show in teenage movies. I also had a girlfriend who covered me at uni while I had a full-time job at a top local tech startup. Again. Like in the movies.

Studies? What studies? 🎓

University is a tool for young curious people to come together, fight the system and break things. Here’s a snapshot of how it looked for us in my dorm.

Good for me…


  1. Why do we all pay so much to get that community access?

  2. Why do we get only a single shot for it in life?

  3. Why do people treat universities as a place to get knowledge?

But the episode is not a rant, it is more of what we think a solution is - our new project 📦


This episode is for paid subscribers