May 1, 2022 • 13M

Using the Viète theorem to resolve life

Business books 📚 don't work when the world is changing this fast. We take another approach to our startup.

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Bring your own Prosecco 🥂 Ohayo is a perfect kick-start for your Saturday morning: short, fun, usually has a clever idea and a burst of emotions.

Stopping being cringe is hard. It has taken me months and months of intense work and self-reflection to get along with Lera when we started working together.

Fast-forwarding to today - I often want to put many of my peers on 2x or even 3x because “yes yes yes I got it, let’s move on”. I got used to communicating using memes, emotions and pop culture references to convey the message faster and supply the corresponding mood along. A bit like people in their 20s.

A young-minded person after this episode could (depending on what impressed them more):

  • Wiki the Viète theorem

  • Google Wu Wei philosophy

  • Think about teenager bullying and self-awareness

  • Try talking to their kids or parents once again

  • Decide to give the junior on their team another chance

  • Look into the 50 shades of grey meme

So many signals, inputs and ideas to process. 🤯

The world used to be global and rather simple. It is not anymore. People got more mindful after the pandemic and two years of self-reflection (…and the divorce 😳), they…

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