Aug 20, 2021 • 42M

Tristan Pollock | To do something with crypto one must have a community or be popular

Head of Community, ClimateVC Fellow. VC at 500Startups. Founded Storefront and Social Earth.

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To do something with crypto one must have a community or be popular somehow - that’s the primary plotline and this episode is floating around it.

It is neither good nor bad, that’s how things work. Creators also need a community so someone is excited about what they create. Same in the crypto world 💰.

But Tristan shared his vision about crypto that kept me thinking. He talks about how blockchain can become the fundamental layer of online relations and my mind just resists it. I don’t want a world where everything has monetary incentives.

Our current online society is powered by likes and the follower count. So we all work for free just to get a stamp of approval from people who we don’t necessarily know or even care about.

Would you believe 10 years ago that you’d be excited to spend hours a week on this? But you do, we all do and it is normal. Sort of…

Lera sighs that this is some creepy ad. And I am listening to Tristan and am thinking - I don’t like the compensation and collective val…

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