May 21, 2021 • 27M

Let's dream of a perfect world where toxicity is not a problem

Artists, musicians, dancers and many other creative people often talk that their onlince space is polluted with toxicity. We cannot solve it, but we can talk about it. And sing.

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Freaking 👑… another speaker had to stay in bed to heal up. But we have a community of clever and fun people, so Piotr noticed a discussion thread that I liked and this is how we summoned Łukasz to discuss toxic communities on The Communities Show.

The remarkable part is how Olle got all money-focused again, so we kicked him out of the livestream.

Is it toxic behavior? Not really:

  • it wasn’t personal

  • he just didn’t fit the mood of the dialog

  • he was still welcome to listen in and join the discussion

The audio-only version has a very special intro and outro. I was singing a song while editing the video and he got inspired.

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