Lera, Anna and Olle about their favorite podcast episodes

+ What is The Communities Show and who actually runs it (and why).

Mornings ☕

I realized that we have been reporting about who we are and what we do to our Discord community and premium subscribers, but never have talked to 700+ people on our free subscribers’ list.

Here’s a TL;DR:

  1. The Communities Show is a weekly video podcast that feels like a fun and chill conversation with your favorite colleagues.

  2. Ohayo is an audio diary for premium subscribers. It feels like a morning chit-chat after an intensive off-site.

  3. The Community Punks is a community and culture design on Discord program that Lera and I run.

The Communities Show is a collective production with Anna and occasionally Piotr. Lera is the editor and the producer while I take care of the livestreaming and the business sides of it.

It is our flagship product and we’re quite proud of what we’re able to deliver ✨.

Lera’s fav episode:

Nina is talking about making friends online and in real life. Lera loves this episode because making friends is hard, yet nobody talks about it.

Anna’s fav episode:

Alex managed to explain to Anna that developer advocates are not just rebranded sales people but more like content creators on salary.

Olle’s fav episode:

Jana…or Alex Angel… I think it is Jana 🤩 She’s just so authentic, open and self-aware that we all forget she’s a big boss in a big org. Also, she’s on a path of becoming a creator and I just resonate with her strongly.

Also…I did a test to lower our premium subscription price by 66% lifetime to see if it makes any difference. No, it didn’t. Starting with the next week we’re back to 20 eur/mo or 200 eur/year.

Get 66% off forever

Also this is happening later today:

Basically people bribed us so we recorded a podcast episode with Prosecco. Premium subscribers would get this as a podcast. Or… whatever Lera would be able to make of this livestream 😂.


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