Oct 1, 2021 • 38M

Tersha Willis | How creators should think about their own merch

Co-founder of terrible* - musicians and creators focused platform to source & sell products online + IRL

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  1. We could have dived deep into Tersha’s terrible business.

  2. We could have disassembled her take on how a community helps to work with artists and creators.

  3. We could have picked her brain on the best ways for creators to monetize through the merch.

  4. Instead, we goofed around sex toys.

And it is amazing. I am so proud 😌.

Why? Because The Communities Show feels like a conversation with a friend 🥰. Sometimes you can geek out on the most serious topics and it is cool (Laís de Oliveira comes to mind). But sometimes you want to just chill and enjoy your time (remember the episode with Alex Lakatos?).

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