Anna Grigoryan | Paid Communities - what members are happy to pay for?

Time savers, ease of use, summaries, expert opinions and more.

Main takeaways from this episode:

  • Many people are tired of informational noise and clutter, so are often happy to pay for small things that save time;

  • Creators function like small businesses in many ways, they operate differently than influencers and need new tools;


00:30​ - Influencers vs creators
05:00​ - Paid mastermind groups
09:00​ - The conversion rates
11:00​ - Why people want to pay you
17:30​ - Why paid newsletters work
23:25​ - Anna's team
27:30​ - Outro


Community builders and digital content creators:

More about the team and the 👁👄👁 community.

Guest: Anna Grigoryan

Researcher and systems engineer. She likes debunking complex systems and reducing noise.

Anna’s insights on community building, content pipelines and knowledge management.

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