Steph Smith | Creators are tech x media companies of the future

Growth marketer, writer, and indie maker. The Hustle,

We’re talking to Steph about her perspective on the passion economy and if getting a 100 true fans is a good monetization strategy. She’s open and honest about her followers, fans and even income, which is probably why many consider her a role model of an online content creator.

But we start the show with a hit: do you feel like you’re devaluing yourself by saying you’re a content creator on the internet.

Then 4 of us resonate how nobody really gets what we’re doing and how creators are real.

I feel like Steph lives a little bit in the future and feels or perhaps even knows what is there around the corner. I love her ideas and confidence.

We started the episode with an intention to do a show, our thing that we’re good at with jokes, the antagonist-protagonist roles, the secondary plotline and all. But Steph stole the show by saying clever things, and 3 of us got mesmerized.

We all agreed this episode ended up being better that what 3 of us were expecting to produce. Watch until the end where I am explaining Steph what we wanted the show to be, and how she broke it and how we loved it ✨.

I usually put something that impressed me most in the newsletter so you don’t need to listen to the episode. This time is Steph’s take on the questions that we have puzzled Rick Turoczy in the previous episode - are creators startups?

The ability to build a product is becoming cheaper and cheaper, but the ability to make people care about your product - that is becoming harder and harder - says Steph.

Creators are not like fashion bloggers on Instagram, we’re tech x media companies of the future. Angels and VCs who get it today would have great returns.

/me drops the 🎤 and writes a Twitter thread


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