May 24 • 12M

How do we explain our pivots?

We work hard to be likeable 🥰

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Lera and I dig into each other's head like in an old BMW

I don’t trust men anymore” - I wrote to a girl I was flirting with to acquire her curiosity and continued playing Prince Charming: “I know a man who just a few days ago bragged about being so cool he didn’t need any conferences to get everything he needed. Now he has signed up as a speaker at four major events”.

Obviously, this man was me, I was sincere with my flirting, but then Gamedev.Camp got traction and suddenly I needed a loudspeaker to amplify the momentum. Hence me getting speaker slots at ComicCon Baltics, LOGIN, DevGAMM and Games Gathering, nailing the message and fixing the narrative for the next 3 to 6 months.

A rapid pivot from “I don’t need events”? Yes, but it makes total business sense to pivot.

We’re making fun of ourselves a bit in this audio diary. We’re very aware of our business operations. I trust Lera to be responsible for the general vision and raise an alarm if we unconsciously start moving like a Karate Kid.

Remember the episode when she complained about how

This episode is for paid subscribers