Feb 13 • 14M

How to pack and sort junior talent for HRs

Here's the approach we're taking at our school for grownups.

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This podcast feels like having a coffee ☕ or a drink 🍹 with your industry friends.

My “everything is shit” take from the audio is exaggerated only by a little bit since, indeed, our remote-first world lives by inertia and processes derived from 8-hour workdays in the office. So fresh hires get an instant 1-on-1 with HR or a line manager for things like:

  • Sounds rude in the chat

  • Writes emails off the tone

  • Puts unclear tasks to JIRA

  • Doesn’t listen to the feedback

  • Giggles at the team meetings

People, I am a fresh hire from another country, I am remote, I didn’t work in your office. How do I know that giggling is not allowed when someone bossy-looking shows the chart that looks like that hockey stick meme. 📈

The untold rules and tribal knowledge used to pass along by watching others and then polished by soaking in the know-how around the coffee spot or at the evening beers. In many places we still cannot have this, and probably won’t, so great soft skills are upgrading from “nice to have” to “required” for the new hires.

Lera and I have a fun problem to solve.

We need to figur…

This episode is for paid subscribers