May 13, 2021 • 46M

Martina Pocchiari | Talking to a scientist who researches online communities

Welcome to a 44 minutes journey into a mind of a social scientist and 3 very puzzled podcasters

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Lera revealed what happened before I clicked the record button in the audio intro. More magic happened after I stopped recording: we went to #people as always to hang out with our Discord community and ended up in a live-coding session with Martina and Taylor Swift.

Martina is very structured but super easy to chat about casual things, but when she speaks about her work I don’t understand. I understand the meanings of individual words but in my mind, they just don’t assemble into a narrative. At some point in the show, I even confessed and asked to talk in a simple language…

Then after the show, we had a fun exercise with Martina sharing her research results and asking for practical application options. I felt like a kid talking to an adult with Martina rephrasing my fragmented thoughts into a scientific language I don’t understand.

I feel like this livestream was very special in how it felt and the value it delivered, while this recording captures just a tiny part of it all. Hope my emo…

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