Jan 30 • 14M

How to take care about a sad teammate (or founder)

We have two strict deadlines, but this is not important.

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This podcast feels like having a coffee ☕ or a drink 🍹 with your industry friends.

Somehow humans take it for granted that when your body is sick, you can get medical help and it is covered under your insurance. But when your mind is sick, you have a chance of losing your job as an underperformer.

It is sick!

We do the brainwork. Our minds get tired. Obviously, they need maintenance. 🔧

This episode is a good example of first aid for the mind: I protested proceeding with the work because it didn’t make sense to even think about it before addressing the real issue with Lera being exhausted.

Another topic that we mention is how I outsource her the thinking process. Comparing her to a cloud server sounds funny, but it really feels this way.

I conduct interviews, I talk to people, I network, build relations - I fetch, sort, process and clean the data. She makes decisions on the data and then we both discuss and build the action points.

But it is her who has a pure vision of the product because I have too much noise in my head.

Imagine, she usually leaves the office at like …

This episode is for paid subscribers