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Jamie shares her wisdom, Lera learns who she can be upon growing up. Plus: a community ROI calculation by Brian Oblinger and a motivation by Lolita Taub.

Good Tuesday to you,

One thing that has been chasing me since this live with Jamie is how the folks on the top floors often don’t understand the power of communities, so it is the job of the community manager to explain it. And it is hard in all dimensions.

This episode doesn’t just bring up the problem, but also offers a possible solution.

Jamie addressed and resolved this challenge using storytelling and pumping up her personal profile while also bringing up some numbers for the bosses to crunch through.

Take a walk with this episode. Perhaps, bookmark it. There’s a lot to think about.


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  • Karina: business leader​, money 🤑

  • Anna: founder, writer, engineer 👩🏻‍🔬

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Jamie Cantrell Langskov, MongoDB, building communities for humans in the tech industry || Oxford comma & data privacy enthusiast.

LinkedIn + Jamie’s article about hiring CMs

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Weekly motivation:

Back to the value of a community. Jamie and many others (remember Zan from the previous Communities.show episode?) often calculate the value through the saved support money. Brian Oblinger does excellent math on it:

As a weekly motivation, I want to point to Lolita Taub’s tweet with the value of communities:

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