Aug 27, 2021 • 38M

Rick Turoczy | Some people just cannot thrive in online communities

PIE, Portland startup community, Built Oregon, TechFestNW #pdx - The Communities Show podcast

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We all have listened to a zillion interviews of how to switch brick and mortar business to online and how a community is probably an answer, but Rick shocks me with a new perspective:

It is not about the new online tools or processes, it is about the kind of people you bring online because some people thrive only in IRL.

I was thinking about the fast track to help people be productive in online communities - engage them with culture, invest in a nice onboarding, provide them enormous value, etc. But does Rick’s take on the problem sort of cross out all my efforts of community and culture design?

Rick doubles down reminding us how long it has taken for our parents and grandparents to get on Facebook. It may take longer for many people to switch their minds to online or hybrid relations too.

As a community manager, does this idea scare or motivate you?

I feel more empowered now, actually. Lera agrees.

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