Rick Turoczy | Some people will love online communities later on

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The episode starts with Anna venting on Rick about a VC person she met last week, so we discuss if online communities and creators are investable. Rick’s take - they are, but not by PIE.

Lera wants to bully Rick but remembers that he helped us with Product Hunt and gently asks about what is stopping PIE from just hiring a gen z to understand creators better…

But out of all this nice chat, there’s one thing that keeps floating in my head from this episode.

It is not about the new online tools or processes, it is about the kind of people you bring online because some people can thrive only in real life.

Freaking yes!

Lera and I design smooth onboardings, polish the first 30 seconds and 10 minutes experiences for new people in Discord, spend so much time on “less is more”, community lore and culture yet some people still complain about how Telegram or Facebook or Zoom is better (because they just know these tools).

F. them - says Lera. I usually just sigh and suggest that Discord is the future, that they have Netflix, HBO and Disney+ to access different content and yeah, it may be inconvenient but that’s how life works.

But Rick suggests we give people more time and focus on those who get it today. I totally dig this take.

As a community manager, does this idea scare or motivate you?


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