Martina Pocchiari | The research about online communities and our Product Hunt launch

The podcast is about a social scientist and her research projects. It is a new world to peek into. Also: we're giving away 5 premium subscriptions for a year.

As always after I stopped recording: we went to #people to hang out with our Discord community and ended up in a live-coding session with Martina and Taylor Swift.

Martina is very structured and super easy to chat about casual things, but when she speaks about her work - I don’t understand. I do understand the meanings of individual words but in my mind, they just don’t assemble into a narrative. At some point in the show, I even confessed and asked to talk in a simple language…

Then after the show, we had a fun exercise with Martina sharing her research results and asking for practical application options. I felt like a kid talking to an adult with Martina rephrasing my fragmented thoughts into a scientific language that I wouldn’t understand.

But I think, the more we hang out with Martina and her students in our Discord, the faster we’re able to develop a common lexicon and vocabulary.

Scientists are the new rock stars. You feel like that too, just never dared to tell anyone, right?

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Martina Pocchiari is a PhD Candidate in Empirical Quantitative Marketing in the marketing group at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University.

Martina’s research projects
Martina’s LinkedIn


Community builders and digital content creators. Available for contract work.

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May 19, Wednesday, 16:00 CET livestream:

Calculating ROI and putting business numbers to a community - Nick Dijkstra - Co-Founder & Product at Port

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