May 29 • 17M

We're taking on a crusade against HRs

Because we can fix a few things, at least for the games industry

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Lera and I dig into each other's head like in an old BMW

Lera wants blood and feathers.
I want businesses to sponsor Gamedev.Camp while we're ranting that the de-facto state of things is unfair.

Lera doesn't want us to be mild and nice.
I don't want to be that radical voice that gets a lot of attention instantly but then stays forgotten the week after.

I want our crusade to be sustainable long-term and with a clear outcome - the games industry turns face to the junior talent. Lera expects the same outcome, and that’s what really is important.

It is a bit funny how two hipsters are going a total Don-Quixote mode and the wind-mills are interested in covering the costs of the adventure while the spectators are all in with own agendas.

In the audio we’re discussing the “nobody wants to hire juniors because universities are a scam” panel discussion that we have had at ComicCon Baltics and the series of similar talks and panels that we have arranged to host at various conferences.

I've spent the last four weeks with (as she calls them) “random reach …

This episode is for paid subscribers