Aug 7, 2021 • 14M

How we box and segment our podcast audience

In this remote-first world, everyone is an online content creator and a community builder

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This podcast feels like having a coffee ☕ or a drink 🍹 with your industry friends.

Lera and I failed two episodes in our career - with Vincent Boon and the last week’s 4 Of Us show. And we just keep referring to both of those 😂 and continue processing them in our other shows. Guess that’s evidence that the failed shows were not good enough?

Today we’re bringing up Anna’s question from the failed 4 Of Us Show: she asked who The Communities Show is for, and we just refuse to build a profile of you, our premium subscribers and of our free subscribers. We don’t think it makes sense to put you all in a box or even to segment you.

We listen to your feedback, we ask what you want, but we do only what we feel we are uniquely best to deliver. Our shows usually have a plotline with polar opinions, a burst of emotions and a pinch of an Eastern European culture mix. When it makes sense, we add a secondary plotline and internal lore from within our Discord community.

Our take on guests is also special and we should open up on it more. Next time 😇.

Here is my office view this week.…

This episode is for paid subscribers