How to keep your community alive these days?

Give the community a common problem to solve and let them solve it. Here's a podcast episode about this and other ways

In my internet bubble the buzz has changed from “how do you convert your audience to a community” to “so we have a community, what now”.

What now? Indeed. We’ll focus more episodes of The Communities Show on it.

Businesses invest in communities for varied reasons

  • Better/cheaper support channels

  • Marketing and customer development

  • Product feedback and beta-testing

And more. Whatever justifies the budgets.

But in this episode we mostly are focusing on independent online content creators - YouTubers, bloggers/thought leaders, online course creators - they operate as small businesses and need personal communities too to be less dependent on a single platform.


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  • Soft confirmation from David Spinks - Cofounder of CMX, VP Community at Bevy

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