Ohayo | Audio-essay about a perfect co-founder 🙄

When the world is falling but you still feel no drama 🥂

We started recording Ohayo more or less at the start of the re-educational camp - a week or two after I got landed at her sofa for two months in a corona-enforced lock-down. Now it is fun to look back and watch us develop as a team and humans but regress as people who spend time together…

But are we friends? And do Lera and I need to be friends to be co-founders?

I think we are and we do but there’s a nuance that deserves an Ohayo episode. See you in a week 🥂

Remember the shitty bench? We were there in the morning still tired after yesterday’s community meetup. Lera has sorta agreed on what to talk about and then changed her mind:

“People listen to Ohayo because they’re curious about us two, they don’t care about some professional advice. But we haven’t had any drama for a while, so what do we talk about?”

But oh we do argue a lot, we do argue all the time, we disagree on more or less everything. The “ssany padik” drawing that you see is the result of …

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