Pauline Narvas | How being popular can help your IT career (but has tradeoffs)

Senior Community Engineer, Gitpod. Creator, Techie, Community Builder & Diversity Advocate

  • If you’re a big boss, this episode explains how a digital native can help your business build a community 📈

  • If you’re an introvert programmer, this episode explains what you’re missing out on. 😑 But it is ok to be you.

  • If you’re a community builder, this episode feels like you’re chilling with peers ☕

  • If you’re a gen z who is pushed to go do something instead of finding the true you, this episode gives you wings 💪

Or you can just enjoy this episode and think how to balance your private self with hobbies and interests, your professional self with skills and knowledge and yourself as an employee with responsibilities and liabilities.

Pawlean x Pauline Narvas x Senior Community Engineer, Gitpod.

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  • My favourite part comes at 40:55 - Your private social accounts - do they belong to you or your employer?

  • Anna is amazed by how Pauline reacted to toxic feedback and how her online friends helped her come back to creating. Watch it at 15:10.


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