Sep 4, 2021 • 14M

Ohayo | Overachievers vs those who enjoy life instead

Life. Nothing good comes out of it 😺

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Bring your own Prosecco 🥂 Ohayo is a perfect kick-start for your Saturday morning: short, fun, usually has a clever idea and a burst of emotions.

She got super frustrated about someone earlier this week and we had a hard long conversation about how different people have totally different values. Why boomers are often focused on collecting money, why millennials are so focused on work while she’s focused on enjoying life, friends and her emotions.

Because she’s too young and doesn’t need to care about her family?

I thought so too… but a day before we were producing a corporate podcast for a company that is proud about their work culture and that employees do not leave. And Lera instantly reacted that she’d leave to a shitty work environment at a corp for a much bigger money if she needed to support her family.

It is funny and sad how she’s the youngest in her family and this situation is not unlikely.

The text above is a background for this episode. Somehow today I wanted you to see how we’re funny and lovable on audio and video, but there’s life around us just as it is around you too.

We’re edgy and controversial, goofy and naïve…

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