Eddie Jaoude | What is the reason you’d totally go to a live event (Zoom, Hopin, Clubhouse doesn’t matter) now in June 2021?

Emotional attachment to people, to community is stronger than any business value these days

What is the reason you’d totally go to a live event (over Zoom, Hopin, Clubhouse doesn’t matter) now in June 2021?

Take a breath and be honest to yourself.

For me “totally going to a live event” probably means I am speaker 💫 But then I also started skipping non-paid speaking opportunities unless I see a very clear immediate value.

But then last week Eddie did a live event on Twitter Spaces that I totally went to because…community. I was emotionally attached to people and the theme.

That is it. Emotional attachment to people, to community is stronger than any business value these days. I think… But do you personally resonate with this?

I feel like I cannot attend even half of the live events I absolutely want to and totally need to attend. But I always have time for the communities I am part of because what else do we have left in this online-first life?

A calendar notification with a Zoom-autogenerated blabber is just an annoying poke.

A push notification from a Discord server where I see @username inviting me to some casual chat in #channel makes me feel like I should at least pop up and say hi. Because this is my tribe, this is my community. Or one of…

I am not unique. People want to have a sense of belonging and often gather around creators to who they can relate. Creators get loyal fans instead of an ever-demanding audience, and the fans have other fans to resonate with and the creator to learn from.

I wanted to bring up this episode with Eddie Jaoude that we recorded in February as I feel it is even more important today than it was back then.

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