Aug 21, 2021 • 13M

Ohayo | What is your private space on the internet?

Coworkers and even strangers come to your living room, stalker you on Instagram and share creepy pictures around without much consent. Hello 2021 🥧

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Lera and I dig into each other's head like in an old BMW

So I went ahead and Googled her example it was Beyoncé, not JLo who wanted her ugly picture to be removed from the internet. Otherwise, this episode may feel like a rant without a good outcome. But we insist that talking and thinking is a solution despite the lack of action points.

Lera reported her picture that I posted on my Instagram as a joke because she felt powerless. I took this picture in a public space and posted it to my own feed, so she didn’t even consider asking me to remove it. Like as she doesn’t own herself if she is in my Instagram feed.

Put your Prosecco down for a moment 🥂. Would you ask your colleague or friend to take down a photo that you’re a part of? Would you take a ‘no’ as an answer? And what arguments would you put and take?

You can take back your drink 🥂. Now in 2021 many of us need a community or at least a follower base to be more valuable in the jobs market. The creator economy is shaping the professional world in a similar way that social media has shape…

This episode is for paid subscribers