Laís de Oliveira | Empathy is the key to better businesses

Program Director, On Deck Community Builders Fellowship. Author of Hacking Communities.

I bring 13 years of experience in building relations online professionally, and then Lera (she’s 22!) tells me how I am wrong. And she is usually right. Does it render my expertise and experience irrelevant?

Well… The post-pandemic world was forced to switch to an online-first model that gen z perceive naturally. It is based on values, personalities, empathy.

This is what this episode is about, but Laís uses the “grown-ups language”. She explains how empathy is the key for online communities to make sense for businesses overall:

  • How empathy helps startups make better products

  • How empathy increases user retention

  • How empathy helps sales through relations

Empathy drives to better and more authentic businesses that grow on their own since you’re able to speak your customers’ language and meet people where they are.

Last month Lera and I have changed all our product communications to focus on emotions and empathy to our customers as the key value.

After talking to Laís I feel like we’re indeed a few steps in the future. And Laís notices this in the podcast too 💞.



Alex Lakatos, who you know from our previous episodes is hiring for community and developer relations roles:

This whole web monetization idea makes so much sense for me as a creator. If you’re not interested in a new job, you still have a day to apply for Grant For The Web.

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