Jenny Weigle | How Europe is years behind in community building

Chief Community Officer & Community Strategy Consultant. Alum of Khoros, Salesforce, CareerBuilder

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  • If you’re a community builder, this episode empowers you to demand help and support 🏗️

  • If you’re a creator who is starting their own journey and a business, this episode gives you wings 💪

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Key moments:

  • 01:30 - Jenny explains how she loves the show and Lera is blushing

  • 19:40 - The CCO moment

  • 25:10 - Lera pushes Jenny how to value herself more


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This was the last episode with Anna

Anna was a friend and still is a friend, just not a co-host of The Communities Show from now on. Her love and farewell 💌 letter is below, and her co-host seat is open to new people. Like you, for example.

If you

  1. love The Communities Show 🥰

  2. have a microphone 🎙️

  3. would like to spend 70 minutes with us on Wednesdays at (usually) 9 AM PST

Interested? DM Lera on Discord and introduce yourself.

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this is from the yesterday's ep of guess what @bezazazumno is talking about here: - old boring dudes - crypto dudes - weather

Anna, we enjoyed our time with you and we’re delighted that we live in the same city now. Thank you for being with The Communities Show.

I think as creators we often evaluate our work, and I’m no stranger to that.

I feel like for the past 1,5 as I’m on this journey as a creator and community builder, one of the top things I had to learn is how to differentiate skills from passion.

The line was always blurred for me as community building is at the very core of the experience of being a creator.

However, in the last couple of months I understood that being the creator of communities is my skill, not the direct passion. And as the journey of exploration continues I needed more time and space to evolve myself as a writer, creator and dive deep into the ins and outs of the media industry.

Which means I had to make a hard decision to leave the Communities Show as co-host.

Words can not express how much I learned from the experience of being on the show. It’s the single best experience of collaboration I had to date.

I think it’s safe to say that for us it’s not just a podcast or a show, but also a friendship that started in an online community, in different countries and continues to grow.

I’m extremely proud of the journey that Oleg and Lera went through in the establishment of this podcast, their community and all the things that they work on together. I will always be cheering on in the Community Punks server.

You can follow me on Community Weekly and my new substack newsletter about media, movies and culture:

That’s life, and sometimes good things come out of it

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