Jamie Langskov | There's a non-sucky way to measure communities ✨

Sr. Director of Community Unusual Ventures

  • If you’re a big boss, this episode teaches you to behave better 💪

  • If you’re a community builder, this episode gives you blueprints to talk to the boss of your boss 🏗️

  • If you’re an angel investor or a venture partner, you will instantly want to hire a community manager 🔥

  • If you're a fan of The Communities Show, you’ll be delighted to see Jamie back 🥰

Key moments:

  • 03:20 - How being a senior director helps to do the right things

  • 12:20 - How bosses always want numbers that don’t make sense

  • 23:12 - How Unusual Ventures thinks about the value of community

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