Jana Boruta | Developer conferences and communities are about people and empathy

Jana Boruta explains how she pivoted Hashicorp from in-person to online events and shares her thinking about online communities

Lera forced me to rewrite this short essay because I lost the main point that Jana was putting together: communities are about people and empathy, not about some attention-retention mechanics, tools, automation or whatever CRM integration.

The whole episode sounds like a protopian future where the corps are not evil and the bosses care so much about their immediate team, the customers and do what is right in tough times. It sounds like it was staged even.

It was not!

Jana Boruta is a big boss at a big company and a person with a big heart. And it is the “big heart” part that makes this conversation so dramatically lovable.

There’s a special moment in this episode where Jana admits having an imposter syndrome and we all support her and then resonate about her Café Jana initiative being so similar in spirit to お早う - The Podcast.

This is a lovely-lovely episode fine-balanced to be both fun and useful. It is one of my favorite shows, competing with Jamie Cantrell Langskov.


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