Piotr Gaczcowski and Marcin Mlynski | Co-working hub to an online community?

Hackerspace Trójmiasto founders tell how they were able to reinvent an IRL-community as a Discord server.

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Last week Lera, Karina and I talked to Marcin and Piotr, the leaders of Hackerspace Trójmiasto co-working about real-life communities vs online communities and the best ways to monetise both.

Main takeaways

  • Moving the IRL community to Discord makes lots of sense

  • Virtual events are hard, but easier if the community is strong


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03:00 - Transferring an offline community to online
09:30 - Losing members and how to convince people to move
16:30 - How to engage with your community
21:05 - Raves and bots
24:25 - Hybrid events
31:35 - The first steps in establishing a community in Discord
34:45 - Money
38:00 - Code:Me
39:55 - Outro


Community builders and digital content creators. Available for contract work.

More about the team and the 👁👄👁 community.


Piotr Gaczkowski - Creator. Efficiency Hacker. Human Jukebox.

Marcin Młyński - Co Founder & CEO @CODE:ME, Founder @Hackerspace Trójmiasto.

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