Should you be funny or clever on the internet?

Both! Generation TikTok gets it naturally, the rest - click here 👇

We had a fight #chamber-of-secrets (you’re a premium subscriber, you should have access) a day ago. It is the same fight that Lera had to take throughout the last…year… with me.

In her language it sounded more like “you’re an old boring cringy dude, wtf”, so it took me a while to decrypt and understand Lera, and to write it in a language I do understand:

You cannot get people to care about your content by sharing some useful tips or insights because everybody does that and your work just drowns in the noise or is forever stored in the "to read later" or "to watch later" or "to listen later".

In 2021 quality information and knowledge are in abundance and free. Meaning both are of near-zero value.

This is it, this is the message ☝️.

Should you be funny or clever on the internet?


And also you should be an interesting personality, write clear copy, understand memes and culture references, produce platform-specific content across multiple platforms and… pretty much become a creator in a …

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