Jan 15 • 13M

Ohayo 🎧 Why gen z cannot write emails

The missing manual of how gen z can thrive in your company

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Lera and I dig into each other's head like in an old BMW

After almost a year of working with Lera back-to-back, I have learned to listen to people who do not force themselves onto me. These calm geniuses do not feel like proving themselves worthy because they feel worthy already and cannot care less about my endorsement.

This new skill of listening has opened me to the world of talented people who are overlooked by others.

My Gen Z is smarter than me in many ways, she is better than me in many things, she can deliver the work of 4 people when she is on her top productivity. Yet she cannot write emails, she cannot comprehend bigger pieces of text and she cannot cut meetings into immediate action points.

I can though. So I do it instead.

I am of Lera’s age in this photo

Yes, younger talent often is incompatible with regular junior positions in corporations because the assumptions conflict and juniors either leave or get thrown out tagged as “unproductive slackers”.

We want to address this soft skills problem in our school while this podcast episo…

This episode is for paid subscribers