Apr 24 • 16M

Why people want to live in Vilnius

The capital of Lithuania became home to many Belarusians and Ukrainians, fleeing wars. How do they feel and what do they see?

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Lera and I dig into each other's head like in an old BMW

I feel like a pigeon 🐦 in Vilnius - I know the best spots with views, I know where to get some nice falafel or the fanciest cocktails. A cute inner yard with some statue, an old cemetery for a moody evening walk, just a cozy bench in a park…

This is very different to my previous life where I was the citizen of the world, always travelling: breakfast in Berlin, dinner in Madrid, you know, the life before the pandemic.

Now with my pigeon life I have to reimagine what is home, what are friends, what connection do I have to the place where I live. So I talk to those also forced to think about these basics of life - people who had to leave their homes and look for a new place to live in Vilnius.

How do they see Vilnius? How do they feel locals? What are they missing and what would they want to improve?

Today’s audio diary with Lera is a surprising reflection after a year of living here. Both of us didn’t dream of living here, but it ended up working surprisingly well for us, in very differen…

This episode is for paid subscribers