How to make it to #3 on Product Hunt?

...if you're not a top hunter. And you don't have a huge following. And all you have is a newsletter.

Good Saturday morning,

I am now sitting on a table with a freshly brewed cup of coffee ☕ and a cake 🎂. Yupp, on the table. That’s the definition of cosy for me.

I invite you to take a moment for yourself too and watch this very emotional episode about Anna launching her Community Weekly newsletter on Product Hunt.

  • What’s the checklist to get to the top of Product Hunt

  • What getting to the top brings business-wise

  • How hard it is to hunt a newsletter


Community builders and digital content creators. Available for contract work.

  • Lera: artist, full-time gen z, queen 👑

  • Karina: business leader​, money 🤑

  • Anna: founder, writer, engineer 👩🏻‍🔬

  • Olle: product, devrel, tech 🎥

Upcoming episodes:

This show runs on our Discord server and is supported by a friendly pancultural community. Most speakers are our community members.

  • How to hire a community manager with Jamie Cantrell Langskov - MongoDB

  • Making sense of online gatherings in 2021 with Guy 'Yug' Blomberg - Games Industry Gathering

  • Running a Discord server for anime artists with Aigerim Aimova - Usagi Shop

  • The community for community builders with Alex Angel - Commsor

  • Using science to research online communities - Martina Pocchiari - PhD Candidate in Empirical Quantitative Marketing

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