May 8 • 14M

Why people go to meetups and conferences

Pros and cons of getting out of the cave to see people.

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Lera and I dig into each other's head like in an old BMW

Pandemic. War. Huge chances of global economic slowdown and world hunger. And we discuss to have or not to have a beer with other mortals…

Yes. And it makes sense because we all have figured out the obvious things already and now are polishing our life/work balance and priorities, learning to protect our comfort zone and personal space from the Zoom calls, practicing to ghost the toxic ex… And in-person events sort of touch all of these: we trade productive work time and time with our families for a chance to get something useful.

What is that “"something useful” for you personally? Free conference beer? A connection to a specific company or person?

I guess more abstract terms like “to see what others are doing” or “to get inspired” don’t work for most people, because they’re very subjective and are less efficient than just watching YouTube or following some prominent industry figures.

But I am different. My work is to create networks, connect people, build relations and sort of feel th…

This episode is for paid subscribers