Jul 24, 2021 • 11M

Ode to gen z: how to not be boring on the internet

Even businesses are forced to have a personality to be likeable these days.

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Did you notice that you just naturally skip corporate Twitter accounts, company newsletters and posts from Facebook pages? But then you do click, you do give a chance to messages that come from people, even if these people are company representatives. Remember?

And then if the message comes from a person, you may interact with it, yet if it is a corp bs with a human name on top, you skip again 💩.

People want to follow people 🤗, not PR-polished messages - and in this episode, we’re discussing the meta of how to be likeable on the internet, whether you’re a business or a person.

This episode is very personal. We’re hiding it under a naïve laughter, but we are sure you can feel the secondary plot line:

I enjoy when people like my company more than when people used to hang out with me because I was useful or whatever…famous… And this new experience is priceless 🥛.

Never live like boring people
Never do what boring people do
Never fail like boring people
You'll never watch your life slide out o…

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