Feb 6 • 16M

Practical guide on giving feedback to an artist

I think the art of giving feedback can be gained along with soft skills or empathy

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This podcast feels like having a coffee ☕ or a drink 🍹 with your industry friends.

If you grew up with an artist, you know that the safest reaction to when they show you their work is a silent appreciation. 🎨

If you didn’t grow up with an artist, you can try to be helpful and share your opinion only to learn back how wrong you are about everything. 😠

Everything in between is an art of giving feedback to an artist that one can earn by practicing empathy, by adopting the culture or sensing the context.

In this episode, we’re diving deep on how Lera perceives feedback and what is going on in her head, despite me doing my best dancing around her.

The very first iteration

Lera disagrees with the text above. She claims that artists want praise and standing ovations for their work.

I disagree with her. Artists usually sense emotions and are allergic to bullshit. My educated opinion is that artists want sincere praise and appreciation, but mere mortals usually cannot comprehend how a piece of art is a masterpiece that has required hundreds of man-years to create.

I think Lera…

This episode is for paid subscribers