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Good Monday,

This is email #23476 that you have in your inbox. You also have a bunch of podcasts you want to listen to but don’t get to, a set of audiobooks, movies, YouTube videos and other kinds of digital content scattered around.

Too much content, but not too much noise

Would you agree that your backlog of podcasts, TV-series, books and blogs are of… pretty high quality? You don’t read-watch-listen not because there’s too much noise, not because you struggle to pick the best content, but because it is just too much.

And also it is all free. Forgot to read-watch-listen to something you’d enjoy?

Oh well, you did something else and probably enjoyed it too.

Emotions and empathy

Like it is pandemic, the news reminds a clumsy sci-fi show and hugging people feels surreal. I think that you, the person still reading this, would remember to watch-read-listen to what we produce, only if you join our community and build emotional bonds with people like you.

  • talk to aspiring Baltic Founders on Tuesdays

  • hang out with devrels and community builders on Wednesdays

  • join Lera’s Girls Call on Thursdays

  • have a casual audio hangout and/or play Among Us on Fridays

Why do you need it?

Because smart people gravitate to this community. Perhaps you can find value even by lurking in once in a while?

You also can ask questions, talk to smart people and explore Discord, the community tool for the post-Slack and post-Clubhouse generation.

Join our Discord community


  • there’s a community that is a base for good content production

  • you can join it to get value or just lurk in

  • some good quality content has been shipped to YouTube

Olle Pridiuksson