Erin Mikail Staples 🧜‍♀️ Business communities x Fandoms

Community Advocate, Orbit. Education + Content, Rosieland.

I usually write two distinct pieces of editor’s notes to our podcast. Premium subscribers get a very personal burst of emotions and self-reflections (and the audio version of the podcast), while you all folks get a more restrained and action points focused version + YouTube. But I feel like making it different today ✨.

Erin rocket-jumps to our podcast full of emotions and energy so 4 of us heavily resonate for an hour. It left a sweet feeling as if we went to a nice friendly networking party together to geek out on what we think is important. Mmm…the sweet feeling 🍰 of networking.

Episodes like this are why we don’t brag about how awesome our speakers are or the topics of the podcast. It is the sweet-sweet aftertaste that matters 🧁.

No, it wasn’t obvious to me what fandoms and business communities have and don’t have in common.

Yes, I operate on numbers, traction, retention, and all other metrics that Lera calls disgusting and business-minded people 🕴️ call vital.

But then look at Erin, Lera, and Anna geeking out on Twilight, Supernatural, anime, and…just imagine you can get this kind of vibe around your brand and products. You just need to talk to your users like they’re humans instead of upselling them something, right?..

Lera tries to explain the “behave like a human” part to me weekly, but she cannot speak corporate. “To get exponential vs linear community growth” - I would explain it to myself.

In a way, this essay feels a bit like a text version of an Ohayo podcast episode. But a reminder about behaving on the internet like you’re human is always a good idea.

I feel that this podcast and all consulting work that we do as The Community Punks agency brings more humanity to the over-spammed internet inspires and explains why this makes sense. Every little step counts.




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