Piotr Gaczcowski | How to curate your community resources with a digital garden

What do you do about all that chat threads and meaningful conversations in your community? Republish them as a newsletter? Pin threads? Ignore? Just enjoy?

Remember the episode with Zan where we discussed a forum vs chat solution for a professional community and then decided that both are needed and both have trade-offs?

Chat solutions such as Discord are harder to follow and are not searchable by Google. All the valuable content that the community creates stays inside and is hard to get discovered by people on the internet or by folks who don’t follow your community daily.

In this episode, we’re focusing on a possible solution that is called a digital community garden:

  • A kind of a community Wikipedia

  • A loosely connected searchable graph of all the useful conversations

  • A way to quickly grasp how your community functions

This episode is different to what you’re used to. We’re thinking aloud for a possible solution more than we have it. Different-minded people ideating over a complex topic - that’s the value. Enjoy 🍰

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Community builders and digital content creators. Available for contract work.

  • Lera: artist, full-time gen z, queen 👑

  • Karina: business leader​, money 🤑

  • Anna: founder, writer, engineer 👩🏻‍🔬

  • Piotr: Creator. Efficiency Hacker. Human Jukebox 🤹‍♂️

  • Olle: product, devrel, tech 🎥

I feel like we should call Piotr a co-host here, not a guest. Several episodes ago we started feeling about Anna like this too 💖

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