Jul 23, 2021 β€’ 38M

David Spinks | The hard questions that your boss asks about the community

David Spinks thinks that emotions are important, but insists that we still need numbers to have a common ground with the folks upstairs.

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This β€œyoung chick” has no authority! David Spinks, the legend himself comes to the show and she tells him that he is wrong and β€œonly creepy peopleβ€œ do it, then brings in arguments like β€œyou don’t measure friendshipsβ€œ. David resonates back with β€œwhat is the ROI of your momβ€œ, then thinks about social norms and business norms.

Anna immediately builds the tension with sensitive privacy questions and I feel like I have no other option than to take a stupid fanboy hat 🧒 so the show has a protagonist to elevate the guest up.

It is a very intense and fun episode. I am relistening to it for the third time now, as I am typing this text and I am still picking new bits.

David tweeted that he enjoyed The Community Show experience and I am very proud of what we’re able to deliver in the show πŸ₯‚.

The only other podcast that I think carries a similar vibe is about money. Alex and Natasha (and their army of producers 🍷) are my role models.

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