David Spinks | How to measure friendships for your boss

Intense yet lovely conversation with David Spinks about community metrics, reporting and hard topics like social norms vs business norms.

This “young chick” has no authority! David Spinks, the legend himself comes to the show and she tells him that he is wrong and “only creepy people“ do it, then brings in arguments like “you don’t measure friendships“. David retaliates with “what is the ROI of your mom“, then talks about social norms and business norms.

Anna immediately builds the tension with sensitive privacy questions and I feel like I have no other option than to take a stupid fanboy hat 🧢 so the show has a protagonist to elevate the guest up.

It is a very intense and fun episode. I am relistening to it for the third time now, as I am typing this text and I am still picking new bits of information.

David tweeted that he enjoyed The Community Show experience and all I have to say is that our weekly video podcast is almost fully booked for 2021 🥂.

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