Tristan Pollock | Communities of the future will probably rely on blockchain

Head of Community at, ClimateVC Fellow. VC at 500Startups. Founded Storefront and Social Earth.

Tristan shared his vision about the future that kept me thinking. He talks about how blockchain can become the fundamental layer of online relations and my mind just resists it. I don’t want a world where everything has monetary incentives.

Our current online society is powered by likes and the follower count. So people work for free just to get an emoji of approval from other people.

Would you believe 10 years ago that you’d be excited to spend hours a week on this? But you do, we all do and it is normal. Sort of…

Lera sighs that this is some creepy ad. And I am listening to Tristan and am thinking - I don’t like the compensation and collective value-focused version of our future online normality. But then is our likes and dopamine powered normality much better?

The episode is more than dreams about how blockchain is the future - it may or may not be it!

We confront Tristan with crypto critique, throw our naïve skepticism and he’s chill. He is aware of this all, he has been thinking about it and has clear concise answers. Sometimes these answers are not easy to take:

To do something with crypto one must have a community or be popular somehow.

It is neither good nor bad, that’s how things work. In 2021 pretty much everyone must transform their social media following into a community or drown in the noise and ads.

We end the episode talking about his mom and the book Tristan’s family has published. This leaves a sweet aftertaste of hope in my heart 🍰.

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