How can creators work together and split revenue?

So when do people talk publicly about money, shares split and attribution of work? We just did! This is so sensitive and open...but can help your thinking.

4 of us are trying to form a creator collective and are figuring out what it means for our personal brands, our audiences, our work and contracts:

  • Do we function as a collective? But our audiences may value our individual personalities over the collective…

  • Do we split the revenue equally? Or do we attribute it somehow?

  • Do we set everything in stone or do we keep it fluid and expect each other to honor the goodwill?

We recorded our thinking process and are so open and vulnerable here, but we want to have it open so fellow creators save time and mental capacity on this complex topic.

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Did you notice, that each time you're about to phase out, you get a slap in the face with a fresh dose of cringe, a song, a dance or other random shit you were not expecting?

See, people who speak on the internet just naturally feel the audience. I like 4 of us. No, really. Think about it: you’ve just watched somebody’s meeting about money split and you enjoyed it.

Sooo pretty much we can make fun content out of a freaking business meeting. And here’s another example of us making totally watchable YouTube content out of an online call that we did for a game development company.

Get inspired 🍹🍹🍹

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  • The Ultimate Community Building Guide - Tom Ross, Design Cuts

  • Can you fast-grow communities if you really need it? - Rick Turoczy, PIE

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  • How to build communities on relations instead of attention-retention numbers - Laís de Oliveira, On Deck

  • In process: Erin Mikail Staples from Orbit, Tersha Willis from, Pauline Narvas from Gitpod.

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