Jul 31, 2021 • 11M

How do we keep ourselves sane and productive?

When Lera and I create content on demand for money, we don’t have an option to deliver something subpar.

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Lera and I dig into each other's head like in an old BMW

Good Saturday morning, everyone. We decided to make this episode free for all our subscribers because we feel like taking a fight against all YouTube coaches who tell us and you to push ourselves to the limits and constantly ship content. Truth is, it doesn’t work like that 😲.

The audio ☝️ is about how Lera and I as creators-for-hire don’t have an option to underdeliver and what it means for our mental state, how we think about it, how we define work.

The picture below is how Lera feels about us two when recording this podcast.

There is deep lore to the dog and the cat, the kinds of coffee on the table, the Japanese sign and the whole happy vs disoriented setting. We explained it in the “mom, I am sorry, I am a YouTuber…” episode.

We often produce a secondary plotline 🎭 and a custom art cover 🖼️ that is tied to the lore 📚. You don’t need to understand it all to enjoy our shows, but if you feel like learning about our creative processes - look through other episodes of Ohayo - the 10 …

This episode is for paid subscribers