Jun 12, 2021 • 9M

The Community Punks x Unconscious Bias

We are The Community Punks. Our mission is to help businesses adopt a community-led mindset and promote gen z

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This podcast feels like having a coffee ☕ or a drink 🍹 with your industry friends.

After recording this episode I took a walk with a futurist who gets consultancy gigs at Netflix, BBC and alike. She told that she gets much better reception and more attention if she collabs with a dude instead of delivering on her own.

In our case, I often feel such a dude who brings his beard to the meeting so Lera gets her message across. This is a secondary storyline in today’s episode - unconscious bias.

Think about it - I tell people multiple times that Lera did the thing, Lera did the work, but they still ask me questions, not her. I don’t blame anybody and I don’t have a solution, but I inspire you to spend a moment thinking about it.

And here’s a brighter point. I tried to package Lera as a feature for one of the clients. I suggested that the client's staff would resonate with Lera much better since both sides are young and ambitious. I think it worked ✨✨✨


This episode is for paid subscribers